Hand Crafted Designs

I am originally from Connecticut, growing up in a family with 4 sisters. My parents encouraged me to pursue my love of dance at a young age, thus bringing me into New York City quite regularly. As a teenager, I was diagnosed with cancer, my dancing dreams came to an abrupt end. I did not let this stop me. Instead, I enveloped the love of jewelry design which was present in my father as well (after all, 5 daughter’s means there was a GREAT demand for jewelry). My father even designed and made all of his daughters’ engagement and wedding rings. After my father's passing, I headed west, packed my truck and began my journey across this wonderful nation, landing in California and ultimately becoming a trail guide and resident of Yosemite National Park, where I met my husband, Doug. Living in nature and influenced by the ever-changing landscape, renewed my interest in jewelry making, I enrolled at Gemological Institute of America and am now GIA certified.
I am a practicing Wiccan, and use the influence of nature to bring inspiration to my designs.
My intricate designs reflect my path to discovery, and to health.
The Lone Wolf trademark represents my love of the natural word, the understanding of my fight for life, and my solitary travels. The wolf, an apex predator, can change its world gracefully and yet still remains the wolf, part of a larger pack, even when it travels forth on its own.
I invite you to browse, comment, and purchase a part of this intimate journey, design, and revelation; make your choice, and have it become part of your journey on path of your life.

Blessed Be,


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